Officiate weddings and preside over sacred ceremonies.

Perform blessings and clearings including for home, business, baby, and special occasions.

Advise and facilitate healing via one-on-one sessions using guidance, divination, affirmations, intentions and rituals. Create safe space to encourage and support growth and evolution in life, in creativity and in spirituality. In person, phone and virtual sessions available.


Recognize priorities and solutions within small business, corporate, non-profit, and higher-education environments for effective office management, policy and procedural development, and communications.

Specialize in responding to customer, visitor or client concerns to establish positive relations, and to actualize project-based endeavors and special events.

Initiate micro enterprises to boost visibility, expand client base, and execute fundraising and marketing goals.

Creative Consulting

Work with organizations, businesses, and artists in different stages of their careers, to motivate and help reach maximum organization for efficient functions in pursuing endeavors.   

Offer assistance with ideas, brainstorming, strategic planning, opportunities, data management, statements/ resumes/ bios, portfolio reviews, networking, presentations, publicity and promotion, marketing, advertising, and sales.

Sessions are tailored.  Free initial consultation.

Event Planning & Curating

Provide excellent event planning and curatorial service to ensure successful events. 

Execute small to large events including securing venues, rentals, catering, video, photography and staff. 

Conceptualize and organize exhibitions, collaborate with a network of artists, galleries, and alternative art spaces to promote artistic agendas, and coordinate mailings, press and other related show particulars.

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