Secret Languages of Khemet Statement

Secret Languages of Khemet

For this series, I channel the symbolism and visual language of ancient Egypt.

My source materials are hieroglyphs, sacred principals and concepts, gods and goddesses, archetypes and legend.

These works are the result, a culmination of a decade long intensive study of the metaphysical, the mysterious, the enigmatic land of Egypt, or Khemet, as it was known.  It is a combination of artistic exploration, a distillation of initiation and homage to sacred science. 

There is poetry.  Limitless exploration of cosmology.

The point of creation - the secrets of Be-ing, the magic of the Universe.

The revelation is there one moment and gone the next.

Unfocus the gaze, and the wealth of knowledge emerges.  It is humming with vibration, alive with intensity and shrouded in subtlety.  It is all around us.  It is our history.  It is our legacy. 

We cannot appropriate what is already ours to learn, to remember.