100 Artists / 100 Dreams

An international dream exploration project that focused on recurring, prophetic and creative dreams of visual artists, performers and musicians.  The project consisted of a Film and an Exhibition. The Film, premiered October 2011 at Stella May Gallery Theatre in Kingston, NY. 

The Exhibition was held at Mildred I. Washington Art Gallery in Poughkeepsie, NY and showcased art by participating artists with a corresponding concert held during Ione's 18th Annual Dream Festival October to December, 2013, and the O+ Festival, October 11 – 13, 2013 in Kingston, NY.  The concert featured a sound installation with live performance by project artist Lisa Barnard Kelley



Anna Bardi
Anthony E. Boone
Colette Aimee Burmester
Karen Capobianco
Horacio Carrena
Christa DeLacy
William Evertson
Geraldine Anderson Gaines
Patti Gibbons
Lindsey Graham
Faheem Haider
Ron Herrema
Krystle Lemonias
Jennifer Levine
Katie Lobel
Lisa Barnard Kelley
Moya Marcelino
Grace Marquinhos
Kathleen McHugh
Michael Murphree
Francisco Rubiel Osorio
Suzanne V. Paddock
Eleana Pellegrino
Joe Pimentel
Rodrigo Pedrolli
Antonio Rendeiro
Susan Shulman
Melissa Toth
Bardet Wardell
Gisela Weimann
Julia White
And More...